i do

lillith. curated natural & organic skincare.
Wonderful shop based in Frankfurt/Germany:
artdirection / logo / branding / packaging / POS / website

Never not imitating.
In love with dialects.
window / office

me in wien. fashion family concept.
Hangtags and labes for wonderful me in wien.
artdirection / branding /

Made some stamps for custom wrapping paper.

Window shopping.
Origami christmastrees. Decoration for me in wien.
Together with Herr Franza zeichnet! 2019

Less is More. Certified organic haircare.
Check it out! Made in Vienna with love.
artdirection / packagingdesign / branding /
corporate design / webdesign.

Wedding invitation.
Made with love. Letterpressed by the bride herself.
All the best!

me in wien.
Fashion for kids and adults
Check it out. Made in Vienna with lots of love.
artdirection / webshoppackaging /branding. 2019

Maria dell´Agnolo. Psychotherapist.
logo / corporate design / webdesign. 2018

Less is More. Eau de colognes.
100% certified organic.

artdirection / packagingdesign / branding /
corporate design.

Elisabeth Schmirl. Artist.
artdirection / grafic design. 2015


I love to glue. Playground.

modularplus ❤️
studio for grafic design. Been there, done that.
Now working together, friends and married ; )
logo / corporate design / love

Pilates Atelier Sara Canini.
Cool workout in the neighborhood.
artdirection / logo / corporate design.

count on me.
animation. never stop playing.
drawing / animation / playground

Teresa Schweiger.
Artist with camera. Businesscards.
logo / corporate design

Less is More. Eau de colognes.
100% certified organic.
packaging design / grafic design / branding / corporate design

Don´t forget to dance!
Together with „herr franza zeichnet“ and
frau josef
– beloved former modularplus team.
Having fun on our office window.

me in wien.
iconset for superduper kids and adults fashionlabel me in wien.
icondesign / webdesign
/ friendship ; )

me in wien.
webdesign based on theme
check out the cool fashion!

Angelika Scalet Skinconcept.
Cosmetic studio based in Bezau / Vorarlberg.
logo / corporate design / iconset
together with misses schneider


Angelika Scalet Skinconcept.
Cosmetic studio based in Bezau / Vorarlberg.

Tierarzt Wiental.
Fantastic vetmed Julia Wegmann doing her magic.
iconset / logo / corporate design / webdesign

Hauber. The organic hairsalon.
Munich based hairsalon. Love is in the hair.
logo / corporate design


tobs – the organic beauty store.
Very wise and nice store located in munich,
and in the world wide web ; )
stop by say hi!
logo / corporate design / iconset
(iconset together with lena appl)

Rejected Logos.
First come first serve.


Embossing stamps.
Do more of what makes you
artdirection / grafic design